Dear White Ally

This was originaly written for April 4th, 2008

Today we commemorate the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death and in the spirit of such an inspirational leader, we leave you with a poem written by Jasmine, a multiracial woman in support of white allies. (Find your own beat when reading this!)

Dear White Ally,
Privilege is no longer a bad word and perfectionism comes with new definition: conscious humanity ever evolving
There are no boxes, charts, theorems or postulates that will give you the magic key, for fixing hasn’t ever truly worked and we are walking into healing as remedy

Dear White Ally,
I need you to know that this letter is mine, as I know my mother’s white and freckled skin as my own somewhere inside
Please take note that I am clear we are related even when you’re confused about just how exactly

Dear White Ally,
It’s purging time right now
We are to sweat out competition and exhale our attachment to capitalism
We are to still our ideas to the possibility of new thoughts
We need to question our identities and hell, we need to question our realities
We need to speak, dance, sing, paint, express
You see freedom from silence is your next evolutionary development
You might not stay cozy

Dear White Ally,
I love you
I see you and I believe in you more now then ever.


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