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A prayer for moving through the racial smog for white Americans

Dear Spirit,
                You are all there is. Completely connected to me and my connection to all people. I am one with you, safe in you. I affirm heaven on earth right here now. I know healing of white supremacy culture is taking place right now. I know humanity is transforming. Love heals all fear. I affirm open, authentic, loving communication. I affirm the release of Capitalism. I know complete prosperity, sustainability, and sovereignty for all beings.  I know that white Americans are waking up to the racial smog that surrounds us. I know clarity leading to justice.  Spirit is present in this smog.  I am an open channel for possibility consciousness and healing of racism. I am healing my immersion in racism and hold up this healing for all people. I know spiritual revolution is here.  Thank you for clarity, discernment, open and loving communication. Thank you for safety, vitality, and all needs met. Thank you for healing and transformation. Thank you for heaven on earth. I let this prayer be and release it into the universe. I know it is done. So it is. Amen

        My prayer was answered as I literally woke myself. The white man spraying gas for me is a metaphor for the racial smog that has us white folk asleep to our privilege, our sense of loss from cultural ancestry, and the racism we are conditioned to act out. What is racial smog? I see it as perceived inability to see the world through a racial lens. When I think that I do not suffer from the lies   I’ve been taught about people of color, from the histories not told to me, from the present day reality that racism does exist and I am a conscious and unconscious participant in it; I am breathing racial smog. When I think I am not soulfully affected from cultural disconnection from my ancestors and their Irish, Scottish, German, French and English foods, memories, stories, and music; I am soaking in racial smog. When I think that I wasn’t conditioned in whiteness, or that it does not give me unearned privileges, I am living in racial smog.

By Dana Kaiser-Davidson