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Introduction to Everyday Whiteness

Welcome to the Everyday Whiteness Blog. Today we launch a space on-line to provide a forum primarily for white folks to sort through whiteness, white privilege and racism in order to build understanding and discover the best practices for us to do our part in dismantling racism. This forum is built on compassion and honesty, exploring the territory where “dealing and healing” go hand in hand. Our goal is to help build a knowledgeable and supportive community around deconstructing the social creation of whiteness and race in order to unravel the racism that weaves through the fabric of American Society. Racism hurts everyone – differently – and if we don’t have the understanding and capacity to talk about it then we can’t form the necessary communities of action to end it.

This call to action is clearly articulated by Julian Bond (Chairman, NAACP) several years ago and holds true today:

“Acknowledging and understanding white-skin privilege is the vital first step in any honest dialogue on race. A forthright, candid internal exchange among whites is a necessary first phase, the predicate to interracial conversation.”

We are calling folks up to join in the movement (already in progress) to deconstruct racism and reconstruct our humanity.